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Resources for Manufacturers

Dream It. Do It. PA offers resources for manufacturers for ways to get involved. After reading this resources for manufacturers section, please feel free to contact your region’s manager for details.

Ways to Get Involved

Working with Schools
Speaking in a middle school or high school classroom about your company or working with a teacher to devise a class project in which students design, make, and market products.

Accenture Manufacturing Study
Accenture and the Manufacturing Institute of the National Association of Manufacturers produced a study outlining workforce development difficulties faced by the industry.

Working with Schools
Supporting existing programs at nearby career and technical schools and providing feedback to community colleges relating to skills tomorrow’s workers will need.

Hosting a Plant Tour
Hosting a plant tour for students, parents, educators, and policy makers can be great resources for managers to help teach kids, “What’s so cool about manufacturing?”

Internship Programs
Establishing an internship or apprenticeship program that could lead to full-time employment for impressive young people.

Da Vinci Science Center (DSC)Partnering with the Da Vinci Science Center to produce exhibits and programs that bring manufacturing science to life and lives to manufacturing science.

Pennsylvania eMentoringPA eMentoring is a chance to provide guidance to a high school student by giving just 30 minutes a week from your desk or home computer. Career eMentors, including working and retired aduts, can provide the guidance and reinforcement necessary to positively impact a student for a lifetime.