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Accounting Careers

Accountants help cut down costs.

Entry-level Qualifications

Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree

What Accountants Do

Accountants analyze financial information and prepare financial reports. Accounting for all dollars in an organization and projecting profit and loss are just some of the essential tasks accountants provide.

Who Should Become an Accountant

This is a career for people who like numbers! You will also need to be good at problem solving and be attentive to detail.

What is the Job Like?

Accountants get a bad rap for being paper-pushers with long lists of numbers. Instead, accountants provide important services by organizing financial transactions properly and creating accurate reports that help decision makers protect and grow the company.

Opportunities for Accountants

More than 50,000 accountants and auditors were employed in Pennsylvania in 2015. Associate degree holder may also become licensed. The need for accountants is projected to grow 8.3 pct. in Pennsylvania by 2022.